Upon rising I notice that something is wrong
I hear lots of noise in place of my song.
The words sound all garbled, unfocused, unclear;
Where is that song that my heart wants to share?
As I get out of bed and muddle about
The outside is in and the inside is out.
I feel scared and afraid, not ready to try
Now all of a sudden I hear a loud cry!
For a moment, stunned, I stand in this place,
Feeling tears of anguish puddling my face.
Is that ME? That strange voice of despair?
That strangled sound shattering the air?
Startled as I am, I run lickety split
I have to find a way to make sense out of it.
I have a great thought and a mission-I DO!
I know in my heart it will help many of you.
But today in this moment, right here and right now
I cannot find it again. I just don’t know how.
I can’t see any more, I am blinded and scared.
What happened to all of those plans I prepared?
But for a moment I think in my mind
“There is nothing you’ve lost, just something to find”
A question arose that I could not ignore:
“Are you expecting less or demanding more?”
In thinking your thoughts,
those thoughts that you think,
Do they keep you afloat or lead you to sink?
When your thoughts make you dizzy enough
that you land on your back side
Thinking I Can’t thoughts
won’t get you on trackside.
To get yourself uprighted
you must think the right thoughts
Dispose of the shoulda’s and woulda’s and oughts.
Stand firmly. Step Boldly and listen intent.
This muddled thinking is of your own invent.
It’s your brain telling you what you already know-
Thoughts that you thinked many years in a row.
Wrangle that brain, get a hold and tame it.
The power to do so is yours-just go claim it!
Those voices you hear are the voices of fear
Gather them up and get them out of here!
To succeed with your purpose, your mission, your dream
Charge boldly ahead and keep building up steam.
Challenge those images that show things are a mess
And just think yourself through to Sizzling Success!
Renée Canali, July 2014