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My name is Renée Canali and what I do is help people see greater possibility.
I’ve spent most of my early life straddling the line between what I was expected to do and what I wanted for myself. Following rules, doing what I “should” and balancing the expectations of others led me to abandon my natural instincts and seek validation from others.
Without knowing it, I had abandoned my true self and had become someone else.
I ended up in retail for two decades. I got caught up in life and forgot to create the future I wanted. I started working part time with no desire to stay very long and laughed at coworkers who started the same way but found themselves still there years later. Facing a change in employment when the company I worked for went bankrupt, I discovered I didn’t know what I wanted any more.
I realized I had become “stuck”.
For 20 years I had followed a routine, did what was expected of me and put off what I really wanted for myself until “someday”-that magical day that doesn’t appear on any known calendar. I had stagnated to some extent. I saw my choices as limited. I became the result of the decisions I had made by default.
It’s not that I wasn’t ready for a change. I had just stopped expecting it.
Most of the changes I made were those that were forced upon me by my delayed decisions or not taking action. I thought I had been deciding what to do based on what I wanted, but I had been deciding what to do by default. I reacted to change and operated on autopilot.
I let my life get in the way of living my dream.
I now understand that life has a way of getting our attention. It’ll nudge you a bit with a flat tire or whack you on the side of the head with a car accident. Change is a process and resisting change makes the process more difficult.
“The more quickly you recognize change is happening, the less energy you expend making necessary adjustments”. (From Life As An Onion: The Journey back to Your Core)”.
I was born with a vivid imagination and a huge helping of curiosity, as most of us are. I love approaching life as an adventure; guided by imagination and living in spirit. I have relearned how to use change to my advantage.
I discovered that balance is achieved through the process of movement, action- change.
I believe if we welcome change we avoid the ruts in our field of dreams. Getting stuck then becomes an amusing puzzle to solve instead of becoming a life sentence. Stop straddling the line and take the journey back to your core today! Get in touch by phone 866-337-2728 or 240-206-3299 or by email